Drive Shaft End Yoke

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Drive Shaft End Yoke

Drive Shaft End Yoke
  • U-Joint Series: 1310Series, Outside Snap Ring Style, Joint Angle: 17°

  • U-Joint Cap Diameter: 1.063", U-Joint Width: 3.219", Center Line to End of Spline: 2.562", Hub Diameter: 2.215", Set Screw Hole Diameter:" 0.375"

  • This part is compatible with 5-153X U-Joint, Compatible with 2-4-503 PTO End Yoke

  • The PTO end yoke transfers the power from the driveshaft to the pinion through a u-joint at the end of the driveshaft.

  • This allows the driveshaft to spin while the rear differential travels up and down with the suspension

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